How can your brand on Facebook give a great consumer experience?


Don’t be one of the brands that (shockingly) don’t respond to 95% of the questions their fans leave on the brand pages.

It goes without saying that this is a sure-fire way to gain negative feedback, if not worse. Essentially, it’s akin to setting up a new “customer care hotline”, noting it on your packaging, and then simply letting the phone ring off the hook and never answering it.

It’s not enough for a company to just set up a Facebook page to tick a box, then walk away. Like any customer care it takes planning and investment and is a vital link between the brand and customer, so it shouldn’t be subcontracted to the agency or a company intern to manage.




This Week at Grey London

As Simon told us earlier on in the week, our Pantene team took home a Silver at the Euro Effies. Well done Team Pantene!

Our Social Media Citrus was a great success – about 50 members of staff, clients and friends of Grey came out to hear Paul Graham (MD of Anomaly), Jane Young (Director of Social Business Innovation at The Social Partners) Dave Trott (Sunday Times top ad-blogger) and Lewis Shields (Head of Digital and Social Media at Flagship Consulting) hash out the finer points of this weird thing fiddly we like to call social media. If you were there, please feel free to tag yourself on Facebook.

In other news … not entirely our news, but news nonetheless …

Lucozade, a brand we are very proud to work with, has just announced an innovative performance partnership with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. They will be branding both car and drivers’ overalls and actively quench the thirst of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. How cool is that?!

– Dan








Social Snippets

This week’s must-read article: The Mediacom Whitepaper on Social.

Also this week, we’ve got some great insight into the newest Big Player in the social web, Google+

Other articles of note:

At lastly, we have some laughs from our the fine folks at the Oatmeal as they present their State of the Web, Summer 2011.

Social Snippets are small and fast facts about social media found via social media. 

Social Snippets

  1. World’s First Animated Tattoo – behold, the power of the iPhone over artwork.
  2. The #Lazyweb – a nice infographic dissecting the intriguing #lazyweb.
  3. Augmented Reality Cinema – will blow your mind.
  4. Who Is Using Twitter, How Often, and Why?
  5. Easy, elegant Facebook search – does what it says on the tin. Priceless.
Social Snippets are small and fast facts about social media found via social media. 

Social Snippets

  1. First Night With Google+ – fantastic insight into this new network from a man that really knows.
  2. Twitter Launches Twitter for Newsrooms – amazing insight into Twitter, featuring a bunch of tips and tricks for anyone (not just journos) loking to improve their tweets.
  3. Chris Floyd: 140 Characters – a young photographer’s work featuring a cast of characters sourced from around Twitter
  4. The Seven Performance Metrics that Matter Most – how to most accurately track the impact of a social campaign
  5. Hints & Tips – Social Media for Startups – don’t be fooled, this isn’t just for startups. Lots of goodies here.
  6. Eric Schmidt: Mobile Payments at Retail Set to Explode – the burgeoning world of mobile electronic wallets.
Social Snippets are small and fast facts about social media found via social media.