How We Work

Grey London in 2011 is an Agency driven by a shared dissatisfaction with how the industry behaves and works.

No agency in London has changed more than Grey over the past 24 months. We are ambitious, energetic and hungry for success – happy to be challenged by whatever the market throws at us – with an understanding of the planning and practical application of business and brand change unmatched by any of our peers.

For our clients, this means we are faster, more responsive, more inventive in our solutions and more focused on results.

For our employees, this means they work in a place where people like each other, have pride in the agency and a healthy disregard for the traditional failings of the industry.


Over the last two years, we have pioneered a different way of working at Grey London, which we call OPEN. We have abolished sign off systems from both creative and planning directors, abolished the creative brief and empowered multi-discipline teams to solve problems together driving our ability to solve even highly complex problems quickly. It also naturally enables us to come up with the right channel solution to the problem in hand.


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