The Week at Grey London

Good afternoon Grey! As I’m sure you all know, this has been another fastfastfast-paced week here in Hatton Garden. Here’s the recap in case you missed it:


  • In addition to all the other awards that it is competing for right now, Lucozade is also in the running for The Marketing Society Brand of the Year 2011. This one is determined by public vote, so get over to and start clicking! Click at work. Click at home. Get all your friends and your moms and dads and brothers and long lost cousins to click while you’re at it. You can even vote more than once! You may think this dishonest, but I just like to think of it as “American-style Democracy”. Vote early, vote often.
  • The Sensodyne Global Team is working on The Thoughtful Path an exciting and inspiring new charity from Project Hope. Get involved on Facebook:
  • Team Allergan ran Twitter this week, sharing some insightful statistics on the relationship between beauty and your career. The thought-provoking statistics they shared gained some real attention and sparked reaction both from our followers and some new faces. We’re up another 50-odd followers from last week. Well done team. Next week we’re over to the Brother UK Team!
  • New Biz has been burning the candle at both ends, what with VVVIPs from China and beer barons and toothpaste empires are turning up for tea recently.
  • Some *ahem* lovely young kids made a lovely Lucozade Energy knockoff. Have a LOL:
  • Last but not least, The Angina Monologues project that we did for The British Heart Foundation has won yet another award, this time a National Business Award for Excellence in Marketing. Bang!


Thanks to everyone who has nicely posed for Marco’s camera. Most everyone scheduled has made their appointment. However, some of you have been a bit naughty and skipped out. Don’t worry, we’ll get you rebooked for next week! I’ll be sending you emails later with appointment times.


… phew. What a bloody week. Is it time for a drink yet?


As always, if you’ve got anything to share, drop me a line during the week and we’ll get you all written up. Cheers everyone, have a great weekend.


This Week at Grey London


There was a certain buzz about, wasn’t there? Everyone in the agency seemed to be busier than humanly possible (well done). Good thing there was a Halloween Party so that everyone could let their hair down and their steam out. Jax, Lydia, Carla and Sophie did an amazing job putting the evening together. Don’t forget to thank them for the blackout windows, jelly shots and hangovers.

Chris, Nils, Craig, Simon and Hugo were running the @GreyLondon Twitter last week. That went well! There were some witty remarks made and no major upsets, no trade secrets spoilt. Oh, the Twitter profile gained well over 50 new followers now tuning in. Be sure to tune in next week when Leon and his crack Digi Team are manning the helm.

Our new work for Clover Lighter was all over the press, being featured in the hallowed pages of Campaign Magazine (Page 3) and many other places. Didn’t see it print? Maybe you saw it featured on Daybreak then?

Our latest Sony ad, Two Worlds, is also still in the spotlight. It got a great review in Brand Republic , where Chris Reed said “There’s nothing as emotively powerful, thoughtful and sad as a Leonard Cohen song or in this case poem. Sony benefit from this positive association in ways that they could never do with just a standard voice over or any visual effect.”

Reed also riffed on the powerful review of the same ad from the FT last week.

He said: “As the review in the FT said this week ‘if this was a radio ad it would be the best radio ad in the world’ and really the special effects don’t match the emotional power of Cohen’s spoken words, but what could?”

And I think that says it all.

In other news? We collected more than 30 coats for Wrap Up London – London’s first ever coat drive. The collection period has been extended to the end of the day today – so if you’ve got some old coats laying around, leave them in reception for a good cause. Thanks everyone.

– Dan

This Week at Grey London

After more than a year of plotting, planning and post-production our latest ad for Sony, Two Worlds, has launched. The ad was directed by award-winning short film director Arev Manoukian and features:
  • ‘That’s What I Heard You Say’, an original poem written and read by one of the most iconic voices of our generation, the Sony artist  Leonard Cohen;
  • An original soundtrack by ground-breaking composer, Clint Mansell (the Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, PI)
  • State of the art post-production by Digital Domain (Transformers, Thor, Tron: Legacy, The A-Team)

Two Worlds was initially inspired by Manoukian’s celebrated short film, Nuit Blanche, which won a number of awards for its luscious, slow motion depiction of inspiring love.

The winning ad, created by Rachel Clough, Jan Pruijser and Henrik Ridderheim, uses the idea of an interactive hedgerow from which people could use their smart phones and augmented reality to capture and set free animals.
A massive well done to everyone involved.
– Dan

Sensodyne Repair & Protect – 3D Projection

To have some fun and demonstrate the concept between the new Sensodyne Repair & Protect toothpaste, we created a fully interactive 3D projection where the public were able to damage London’s Science Museum by hitting a punch bag set up in front of it. The harder they hit it, the more damage they did, until we brought the house down.

– Dan

This Week at Grey London

Thanks to everyone who came down to support our young musical guests from Livity. There was a great vibe in the Grey Bar as we made our way through many, many bottles of beer and wine … and spirits too, somewhat regrettably. If you’d like to catch up with any of the acts from last night, check them out on Twitter:  @LivityUK,  @LiveMagUK, @wellredmusic@contextMC@rufiosummers and @jajakisses.

Talula White, a planner here at Grey London, has been specially selected for an impressive WPP training course at the “Ogilvy Mansion”, Château de Touffou, in Bonnes, France. To date, Talula has worked on strategy for a range of our clients including Pantene, Clairol, Ginsters, Ryvita and Horlicks and will no doubt have some incredible new ideas and insights when she returns from France.

Managing Partner Sarah Jenkins, planners Matt Buttrick and Anna Vogt and creative Rory Forrest recently got involved with Platforman innovative, forward thinking, new concept and strategy designed to assuage Britain’s lack of diversity (educationally, socially and ethnically) in the creative industry. The Platform Live event, hosted by NESTA, got 8 young creatives with top talent from Grey London, BBH, McCann London and TBWA\LONDON to work on a project for (RED). The resulting work in being considered by (RED) for an upcoming global campaign.

As for news from the network, we’ve got exciting news from our cousins in Grey South Africa. They have just won local industry awards at the Loeries – two Bronzes, and both for charitable campaigns (one the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the other the Endangered Wildlife Trust). Well done them.

In other news, Google has just given agencies around the world a nice little gift in the form of unveiled a new, premium analytics tool specifically for advertisers. According to MediaWeek, the service includes:

increased data collection; more custom variables and unsampled reports; attribution modelling tools to test different models for assigning credit to conversions and greater service and support including on call account management.

Which is nothing to sniff at, surely.

– Dan

This Week at Grey London

As Simon told us earlier on in the week, our Pantene team took home a Silver at the Euro Effies. Well done Team Pantene!

Our Social Media Citrus was a great success – about 50 members of staff, clients and friends of Grey came out to hear Paul Graham (MD of Anomaly), Jane Young (Director of Social Business Innovation at The Social Partners) Dave Trott (Sunday Times top ad-blogger) and Lewis Shields (Head of Digital and Social Media at Flagship Consulting) hash out the finer points of this weird thing fiddly we like to call social media. If you were there, please feel free to tag yourself on Facebook.

In other news … not entirely our news, but news nonetheless …

Lucozade, a brand we are very proud to work with, has just announced an innovative performance partnership with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team. They will be branding both car and drivers’ overalls and actively quench the thirst of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. How cool is that?!

– Dan








This Week at Grey London

We’ve had to say a fond farewell to two of our employees, planner Nick Hirst and account manager Jen Kinrys. Thanks to everyone who came to to the bar to wish them off last night.

We’ve put out some new work recently and we’ve had some press coverage. Here’s a few recent articles from Campaign:

– Dan