Citrus Presents: a Night of Extreme Beer … with extremely predictable results

Despite the fact that the special-order brews didn’t arrive until an hour after the 80th guest arrived, Grey London’s Extreme Beer Tasting ended up a massive success. Chris Hirst and Mark Robinson’s charm offensive kept all the attendees around and plied with ordinary (read: wimpy) mere 5% bottled beers until the good stuff arrived.

And, my goodness, was the good stuff good. Pete Brown, British Beer expert and BBC personality, walked and talked us through smoked German beers, cherry-sweet Belgian Kriek and backwoods-America-style barley wine – even a Scottish “old ale” more akin to a whiskey than a beer.

Funny how much beer can be drunk in a 6 beer tasting. Something only exacerbated by the fact that most of the beers were about 12% strong. Who would have thought it possible.

After everything was said, done and drunk, those that couldn’t quite face the last train home sauntered off towards Clerkenwell in hopes of finding something to soak all those lovely different beers up with.

We never learn…