The Week at Grey London

Good afternoon Grey! As I’m sure you all know, this has been another fastfastfast-paced week here in Hatton Garden. Here’s the recap in case you missed it:


  • In addition to all the other awards that it is competing for right now, Lucozade is also in the running for The Marketing Society Brand of the Year 2011. This one is determined by public vote, so get over to and start clicking! Click at work. Click at home. Get all your friends and your moms and dads and brothers and long lost cousins to click while you’re at it. You can even vote more than once! You may think this dishonest, but I just like to think of it as “American-style Democracy”. Vote early, vote often.
  • The Sensodyne Global Team is working on The Thoughtful Path an exciting and inspiring new charity from Project Hope. Get involved on Facebook:
  • Team Allergan ran Twitter this week, sharing some insightful statistics on the relationship between beauty and your career. The thought-provoking statistics they shared gained some real attention and sparked reaction both from our followers and some new faces. We’re up another 50-odd followers from last week. Well done team. Next week we’re over to the Brother UK Team!
  • New Biz has been burning the candle at both ends, what with VVVIPs from China and beer barons and toothpaste empires are turning up for tea recently.
  • Some *ahem* lovely young kids made a lovely Lucozade Energy knockoff. Have a LOL:
  • Last but not least, The Angina Monologues project that we did for The British Heart Foundation has won yet another award, this time a National Business Award for Excellence in Marketing. Bang!


Thanks to everyone who has nicely posed for Marco’s camera. Most everyone scheduled has made their appointment. However, some of you have been a bit naughty and skipped out. Don’t worry, we’ll get you rebooked for next week! I’ll be sending you emails later with appointment times.


… phew. What a bloody week. Is it time for a drink yet?


As always, if you’ve got anything to share, drop me a line during the week and we’ll get you all written up. Cheers everyone, have a great weekend.


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