Digital Digest

Face Substitution

… and a whole lot more of cool stuff.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

Faber ad campaign draws classic art in 1 continuous line

Microsoft HoloDesk…

When you need to juggle something that isn’t there 🙂

A LOT happens in 60 seconds

Really quite mesmerising art installation

Ever wondered if that web link you’re about to send has already done the rounds?

Convincingly adding objects to a scene AFTER the photo has been taken


Net-A-Porter’s window shop

Heinz Sends Personalized Get Well Soup To Your Friends On Facebook…

Model Morphosis

Abstract city maps with Google Maps


McDonald’s embeds CAN $2,500 in ice

Lego VW van



Move over HD – ultra-HD is on its way!…

And I just bought a new HD TV. Bugger.

Rather than shove a QR marker in an ad, make QR THE ad

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses

Of course

– Leon

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