This Week at Grey London

After more than a year of plotting, planning and post-production our latest ad for Sony, Two Worlds, has launched. The ad was directed by award-winning short film director Arev Manoukian and features:
  • ‘That’s What I Heard You Say’, an original poem written and read by one of the most iconic voices of our generation, the Sony artist  Leonard Cohen;
  • An original soundtrack by ground-breaking composer, Clint Mansell (the Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, PI)
  • State of the art post-production by Digital Domain (Transformers, Thor, Tron: Legacy, The A-Team)

Two Worlds was initially inspired by Manoukian’s celebrated short film, Nuit Blanche, which won a number of awards for its luscious, slow motion depiction of inspiring love.

The winning ad, created by Rachel Clough, Jan Pruijser and Henrik Ridderheim, uses the idea of an interactive hedgerow from which people could use their smart phones and augmented reality to capture and set free animals.
A massive well done to everyone involved.
– Dan

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