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This week’s must-read article: The Mediacom Whitepaper on Social.

Also this week, we’ve got some great insight into the newest Big Player in the social web, Google+

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At lastly, we have some laughs from our the fine folks at the Oatmeal as they present their State of the Web, Summer 2011.

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Chris Hirst on Social Media: Let Go

Thankfully another season of the Apprentice has now ended. But there’s a lesson from this latest season that I can’t shake.

On one episode, Essex boy done good Alan Sugar accused one of his boardroom boors of making “a complete Horlicks” of the task set out for him.

As chief exec of the agency responsible for Horlicks’ communications, I, of course, cringed. Nobody wants one of their brands to be the primetime euphemism de jour for ‘bollocks’.

My discomfort at the unsavoury connection was abated before I even went to sleep that night. Graeme Ford, social researcher for Grey London’s new social media agency, The Social Partners, pinged in my email and put me at ease. He had been watching the BBC’s The Apprentice as well, caught the reference and had already fired up his social listening software.

Within minutes of Lord Sugar’s utterance, Graeme had captured an abnormally large volume of tweets, musing about all things Horlicks. There was a mountain of ‘I love Horlicks’, ‘I haven’t had Horlicks in years’, ‘I’m going to get me some Horlicks’ type tweets. OK, so there were a few folks tweeting less than lovely things about the brand – but they were still tweeting about it.

Tweeting about it so much that, for the first time in history, a malted milk brand was officially trending on Twitter (#horlicks), officially lodging Horlicks smack into the centre of British consciousness in a big way. Thanks for not just saying ‘bollocks’, Alan.

Love it or hate it, this is the world we live and work in.

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Social Snippets

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Social Snippets are small and fast facts about social media found via social media. 

Citrus Presents: a Night of Extreme Beer … with extremely predictable results

Despite the fact that the special-order brews didn’t arrive until an hour after the 80th guest arrived, Grey London’s Extreme Beer Tasting ended up a massive success. Chris Hirst and Mark Robinson’s charm offensive kept all the attendees around and plied with ordinary (read: wimpy) mere 5% bottled beers until the good stuff arrived.

And, my goodness, was the good stuff good. Pete Brown, British Beer expert and BBC personality, walked and talked us through smoked German beers, cherry-sweet Belgian Kriek and backwoods-America-style barley wine – even a Scottish “old ale” more akin to a whiskey than a beer.

Funny how much beer can be drunk in a 6 beer tasting. Something only exacerbated by the fact that most of the beers were about 12% strong. Who would have thought it possible.

After everything was said, done and drunk, those that couldn’t quite face the last train home sauntered off towards Clerkenwell in hopes of finding something to soak all those lovely different beers up with.

We never learn…