Digital Digest

This week’s viral

Team Hot Wheels – The Yellow Driver’s World Record Jump

World First BMX Triple Backflip

The rest…


Cadbury – Share the Joy

Choco-coat it Use this app to tell your friend a harsh truth… choco-coated of course. Work for Anti-Slavery charity to force cocoa traders to face the truth about where their cocoa comes from.

Wembley 360 UK football fans who attended the FA Cup Final last week have been invited to tag themselves in the biggest and most detailed 360 photo ever.

Lockitron for iPhone… Unlock your house doors with your smartphone

Jamie Oliver enters social gaming with Facebook…

Memolane Very nice – see your digital existence as a timeline

Lady Gag advertises her presence on Farmville

A look inside the library of the future… Cavernous

The wire sculptures of Shi Jindian

Achingly cool retro – handheld “Game & Watch” playable online

Guy uses a hidden Mac app to catch his laptop thief Go crimefighting! Woo!

Digital Digest is the best of the web, curated by the Grey London Digital Department. 


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