Digital Digest

This week’s viral

Chimpanzee riding on a Segway

Guarantee to annoy you all day

The rest…

Perrier – Le Club

The more people watch this video, the hotter the additional content that gets unlocked for all. Incentivised group sharing – nice work

CP+B makes a whole TV channel dedicated to the Burger King Whopper…

Genius 🙂

Mind your step

Technology magic trick, using iPhones

Really nice…

T-Rex made from balloons

Some seriously patient work

I love this

A great story about how the simplest solutions are often the best

If Facebook And Twitter Were Real Life…

Weird robot picks up goo and puts it back…

This thing’s weird and I can’t stop watching it to work out how it does it

Amazing 360-degree tracking camera mount for iPhone (thanks Louis!)

Cue a whole new wave of user-generated videos

IPA launch planning and strategy app

Unites planners on a global scale. Sends them to the dole queue… ?

Digital Digest is the best of the web, curated by the Grey London Digital Department. 


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