Citrus Presents: Is the Cult of Celebrity Waning?

For the May 2011 installation of our Citrus Discussion we tackled a big issue. We wanted to know – Is the Cult of Celebrity Waning?

What did we find?

No. It probably isn’t. But we had fun hashing it out anyway.

Sanjay Nazerali (BBC News) hosted the event and steered the panellists in discussion around pressing topics from super injunctions and phone tapping to fame-for-fame’s-sake. Of course, Katie Price got more than her fair share of coverage. She was called intelligent a couple of times.

Our panellists Richard Bacon (presenter),Stuart Higgins (ex-editor of The Sun),Clare Grogan (Skins, Eastenders, Gregory’s Girl) and Adam Welch (editor of Wonderland) each brought their own big personalities and unique perspectives to the proceedings.

Clare Grogan talked about her Eastenders fame,which seemed to end the moment she left the soap, whilst Richard Bacon gave an assured performance, even missing his dinner engagement to stay in the panel discussion.

Meanwhile Chris Hirst continued his excitement in the company of Celebrities as the photo demonstrates.

For more photos from our special Celebrity Citrus, visit our Facebook page.


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